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Dear Ture,


First many thanks for the email and the generous offer – we are thrilled to be able to use your material on our HP www.GarboForever.de.vu

In fact, we totally freaked out. I told many Garbo fans about it and the just screamed ,-)


Sure, i know Dirk and i love his site too , it looks so professional ..we are just some poor fans and it looks amateurish ,compared to his ;-)

It is also hard to keep in touch with each garbo  fan and esp. since we have this Garbo forum/Board too.Its much work but Garbo is my (or our) love and light.

I hope i don't sound tooooo lunatic here.



I still have to read all of your words..and i would like to write you a second mail esp about your sites and works andI don't want to steal your time and I'm so impressed with your work and mail.



Your Pics and infos:

I added your "NEWS" about the video and to allow us to post the pics, HERE:


If you don't like it, tell me and i will fix or delete.




It is easy for us to help you with the Youtube.

We have a Garbo channel there:


If you have it on VHS, i could record it for you on DVD and put it on YouTube for you..with your logo on and everything.

I would propose we use not the full version of your clip on Youtube. We would make a reference to you in the text section etc.

Please let me know.



Our Homepage - A Ture/Garbo section:

I would like to dedicate a FULL section to you and your book, video, photos, life ...in our Garbo gallery section.

Here: http://www.beepworld.de/members12/garbofan2/pictures.htm

We may soon will work with author Mark A. Vieira on the LOST & UNRELASED Garbo material section.

I even added your Unreleased Film + Photos there, some time ago.



Interview with you:

I think the idea of an interview is brilliant. Being fans we are totally interested in anything in connection with your work on the Garbo Book and the personal encounters with Garbo. I wonder if it would be easier if you would give us a short text, which we could turn into an interview – otherwise we might ask in the wrong directions and just waste your time. This would also give you the opportunity to tell us what you would like to be said about you “now”, unconnected to Garbo. Maybe you would like to highlight some of your recent projects.


Please be aware that for us fans, having never been close or in contact with Garbo, any of your experiences are extremely exiting and adventures. Even little things around the photos or taking the film might be important to us. Having a first hand account from you will give us an insight of how a book comes together, how your idea grow or was born, how you made it happen – we will learn a lot from it; if time allows it (on your side), please let us know anything you remember from the time in Klosters or New York.



Thank you:

Again, I would like to express our deepest thanks for this opportunity. We are interested in anything with Garbo and we hope that our homepage shows our commitment to the life and mystery of Garbo. We try to keep the HP factual, mysterious and alive – and we hope to develop it to THE Garbo data base. Your unique and rare footage and photos will help us on the way to achieve that.


Please let us know if you are unhappy with any aspects of our proposal, we happily change it according to your suggestions.

Best wishes from Germany!









Good to hear from you. It was just by random I was looking and find your site. It's good too, like my friend Dirks Garbo  site. They have a bit different aspects  ! I have promised Dirk to send him my material for a long time now but my prime interest would be to get it on to YouTube, I mean the 8 mm film on approx 3 minutes. Could be edited down to just one minute. But I have neither time or great interest in this stuff anymore as I spending 16 hours a day to work on completely othher things in my life.  have said to Dirk that he could take some 4 big colour pictures of Garbo from my reduced websites and put it on his own. That has not happen yet. If you like you can use them as catchers on your site. I guess you have seen them already. Here they are:





I don't remember the last one, but you will for sure find it with sitesearch.

I intend to close my garbosites anyhow so it would be good to transfer those big ones to his or yours. Just give some credits to me, thats all.

I have transfer the 8 mm films to VHS but to DVD.  I can give you a short story if you like about my work on her and my enconter with her in Klosters. Its funny, few days ago I remember I was in Holloywood 9 february 1971 and its was a scary earthquake just before I was landing in LA and at the same date and time  the crew from Apollo14 landed in the Pacific ocean and that night it was a moon eclipse. And I was running around trying to find a publisher for my Garbo book in the wrong town. I left for NY and find 3 publishers who wanted my book within one week.

However 1970 I was doing big artwork on the Space flight program for Swedish Television called Space in the Brain a 30 minutes Space Opera and all the best selling poster from space trips sold worldwide and this Tapestry I got an order of from Zurich in Switzerland. When I was there in that business I made a weekend holiday and went up to Kloster and by a slump find out that this place was Garbos fav. hiding place.

The tapestry looks like this: www.swedish.homestead.com/ART.html

and later I have made a fun site of the space opera: www.spaceinthebrain.homestead.com/

its heavy sites and a lot of info under my pictures. I often put stuff and links under my pic instead of a text line as most people do.

If you know Dirks and his Garbo website, you maybe should try to intergrate certain stuff for your boths mutual benefits at least with some links.

I live in Australia since almost 25 years, now. If you wanna make an intervju-like text you pose a few questions to me and I can reflect it with some few lines bak to you. But as I said life is short and I am in a hurry to tackle a lot of other issues at the moment....




I made this site today: www.wikipedia.homestead.com/Catholic_Encyclopedia.html

Don't laugh!!!! I'll do that for You

he he he